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About Our School

High school is stressful. Being a teenager is stressful. It’s also a unique, beautiful and exciting time, and, you only live it once… Blink, and it’s over! Why not choose to enjoy your time as a high school student at our unique and dynamic campus?

Experienced and passionate subject specialists are available to help ensure that you succeed to the very best of your academic potential in your IEB matric examinations. We have wonderful facilities available and, due to our unique setting and small, intimate classes, we are able to offer amazing enrichment activities. Our uniform is informal and flexible, allowing you to put a personal spin on it while still expressing your individuality.

You can be comfortable. You can be relaxed. You can be yourself. You can be free to form quality and lifelong relationships with likeminded friends. We have a vibrant and interesting campus life here, where the adventure and possibilities of life form hopes and goals in our student’s minds.

The beautiful and peaceful surroundings, sporting and cultural programs and the high academic standards combine to form a unique and distinct high school experience – one you are not likely to forget and hold close to your heart for years to come.

Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

At EcoCampus, we believe it is important to instil in our learners, a sense of responsibility for the environment and a deep commitment to protect it. Our aim is to expose our learners to the many problems facing our natural world and to encourage and empower them to plan towards sustainability. We are privileged to have our very own wetland, located on our stunning grounds, where the learners are able to witness the symbiotic relationships of nature first hand.

Many species of birds and fish, all manner of creepy crawlies, incredible flora and fauna as well as terrapins, birds of prey, flamingo and otters, are all on our doorstep. The students regularly visit the wetland and assimilate what they learn in their Life Sciences lessons to the real world. This makes it real for them. This gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.

This creates, in them, a real desire to nurture and protect our natural world for THEIR children.

Our EcoCanteen is run by our two wonderful Chefs, Zita and Benita, and provides our students with wholesome, delicious meals.

Zita and Benita both have years of experience in the catering industry and their passion for cooking and baking is evident in the Culinary Classes they provide to our students as an extra mural.

Meals are pre ordered and paid for using our Smart Swipe Lunch Card system for ease and close monitoring by parents

IT/Coding – Coding the way to the future

The reality of the world is that in 15/20 years time, a basic knowledge of machine instructions and coding will be mandatory for the majority of jobs worldwide. Many of our chief innovators have contributed to the statement above and it could not be more relevant as we prepare students to enter the future world of work.

At EcoCampus we are firm believers in helping our students to be the best they can be. We have therefore proudly introduced IT/Coding classes for our students, to develop these important ICT skills.

With a focus on entry level languages, such as Python, and the basics of hardware and software, the EcoCampus students will be well equipped to integrate into more complex languages such as HTML and Java in the coming years.

Futureproofing our education is one of the best steps we can take and with the ICT classes, we are providing our students with the best opportunities to develop these crucial skills.